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The Unintended Consequences Of Voting Yes

Let’s get real folks, do you all really all think that the Scottish independence referendum is simply all about fair play to the scots in finally allowing them the opportunity for self-determination? This referendum isn’t really about giving a voice to the Scots. It is in reality a key milestone in the long standing Zionist/Bilderberger plot to implement a one world government and a one world currency; a scenario where there will be no such thing as autonomy for anyone. To achieve this end they need to level off the countries, merging them into ever greater regions up the point where sovereign power will no longer exist anywhere. This relatively small group of elite psychopaths, intent on ruling over the entire planet, are currently busily destroying the countries of the Middle East and perpetrating genocide in Palestine, whilst at the sometime working to merge the countries of the American continent. The sovereignty of all European nations is being undermined through the (planned) financial crisis, creating justification for the argument for greater fiscal and political unity across the euro zone. With regards to the UK, the most expedient way to do away with it is of course to split it up in order to completely undermine any vestiges of the power held by the British people (the Scots included). In the interests of your future and your children’s future, I urge you to put down your whiskey and bag pipes for a wee while and have a look at the some of the information below. This may give you some insight into the truly sinister nature of what is taking place across the world and why a truly free Scotland can never really be anything more than a mere pipe dream.

Would a so called independent Scotland really deliver the much longed for ‘end of the rainbow’ dream to the Scots of being liberated?

The answer to this lies in considering the facts regarding both what is taking place within the UK and also in the wider world in order to discover the evidence about who really holds the strings of power over nations and word events. Far from being in a position to govern for itself by itself, an independent Scotland, and indeed the rest of the United Kingdom, would be rendered so much more vulnerable to the plots and schemes of the criminal

You have probably heard of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which has been written off in the main as an anti-Semitic hoax. However, events that have been unfolding around during the last couple of decades serve as a strong indication that something at least of a similar nature to the protocols is really being implemented. For information about the Protocols of Zion, please see the following sites:

The forums through which the protocols, or something likened to it, are able to wield control, directly from the global to the local levels, are the global power structures which include: Brussels, the power base of Europe; the United Nations; the World Bank; Non-Government Organisations (NGOs); global corporations. This is of course extremely dangerous for democracy given that such power can bypass the democratic will of peoples entirely. What stands between the global and local dynamic and serves as the best defence of citizens against these insidious powers, is to be a part of a strong sovereign nation. This is precisely why we are witnessing the power of nations being swept away by any means, whether through economic ruin, the initiation of wars and, yes, you guessed it, by encouraging independence referenda. Those in control of the mass media will find ways to swing a vote for independence. However, on this occasion, their black arts may not have the expected effect on our canny Scots.

Now, more than at any other time, it is imperative that we seek to strengthen our nation. We should certainly not be contemplating dismantling it. To stand any chance of retaining our civil liberties and to have any kind of freedom whatsoever, we need to utilise the democratic people power that we still have in order to put things right. Between us we still may yet have a chance but divided we are probably lost.

For some examples of how centralised global powers can and are being utilised to undermine all of our freedoms and even to threaten our lives, please check out the following sites:

How will Scotland be sure it will be free of tyrannical leaders?

Scottish independence is a false door for improving the lives of the Scottish people. The same agents of the ruling global elite are sure to be waiting in the wings. Political parties are stitched up to ensure that only the advocates of the new world order will secure positions of political power. Britain and the US already have a Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) in place. For information on this please see the following example sits:

Will an independent Scotland really have any more autonomy, given that we are all effectively ruled by Brussels anyway?

The scots may feel disenfranchised with the UK Central Government, as it’s votes do not hold sway in terms of the outcomes. For people in Northern England it is the same issue. Perhaps we need to strive for a voting system that is fair to all. However, whatever the government of the day may happen to be, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will consist of Bilderbergers and Zionist lap dogs, working against and not for the people of Britain. In any case, whether people believe this to be true or not, any laws passed by the UK Government can be undermined by Brussels. To all intents and purposes, our nation has already lost much of its sovereignty. If Scotland breaks away from the rest of the UK then the experience of the rule of Brussels over all of us will only be more acute.

We have been told that if a vote for independence wins, Scotland will no longer be in a position to use British sterling as its currency. Why would the UK Government make such a threat? Surely this is an unnecessary measure. It lends to the illusion that Cameron and Osborne are hoping for the no vote to win out. Their various threats to the Scots are designed to serve this purpose whilst serving as reverse psychology to cause angered Scots to want to put up the proverbial two fingers to the UK government by voting yes. Barring Scotland from its continued use of British sterling is part of this great plot both to divide and rule the UK via Brussels and completely undermine sterling as a viable currency. The only other currency available to Scotland is of course the Euro. Therefore, by default, Scotland would be forced to join the Euro, which is not good news by any means. The whole of the Euro Zone (apart from Germany) is in dire straits and the extent of the suffering of the populations of affecting countries has not been properly reflected in the mainstream media.

Barring Scotland from the use of sterling on the face of it is a massive own goal as this measure can only serve to significantly undermine the viability of the currency overall. What is left of the UK would be likely to also have to follow suit and join the Euro also. We would all then be well and truly at the mercy of Brussels and the IMF.

The aftermath of the planned financial crisis of 2007/08 has been used as a platform for the IMF and ZOG governments to stress the case for the need for a deepening fiscal and political unity across the Eurozone. This effectively means taking away all remaining sovereign power from those nations. This, with the destruction of western currencies, is a precursor to a one world currency and one world government. For some information about the one world currency that is already being planned, please see the following sites:

How much will it all cost and how long will it take to completely reconfigure and rebrand Scotland?

In the long term this can only be a complete unknown. In the immediate and near term at least, things may be very tough. One this is for certain, investors do not like uncertainty. A great deal of Scotland’s economic future rests on the revenue generated from North Sea oil, bearing in mind the extent of the volatility of oil prices. The cost implications of completely overhauling the public infrastructure of a newly independent country cannot be quantified but very costly it most certainly will be. It is unclear whether Scottish nationals following a Yes vote would continue to have an automatic
right to take up jobs south of the border. How will taxation for or national insurance be worked out for Scots working in England, or vice versa. Furthermore UK public sector jobs may be withdrawn and not all will be replaced by Scottish public sector jobs (a greater proportion of the Scottish work force is employed by the public sector, as compared with elsewhere in the UK). There is much concern by older voters over whether their state pensions will be secure in an independent Scotland. They have been given positive assurances on this matter by the Yes campaigners, and yet how can these pensions be assured if Scotland ever goes bust?

The following articles outline, to some extent, the implications of a Yes vote:

The Scottish tax payers will have to bear all of the costs that establishing a new independent country will entail. This coupled with a shaky environment for investors, both in terms of the currency issue and on a confidence basis. If things don’t pan out as promised by the SNP, Scotland could easily plummet into a deep and long drawn out depression. There may already be vultures circling around ready to buy up Scotland’s land and property and resources for next to nought. This is the Zionist debt for territory strategy – having engineered that debt in the first place.

Implications for security and border controls across the Scottish border

If there is any credence in the terrorist threats to the UK as our government claims, then, as pointed out by Former Admiral Lord West, an independent Scotland would certainly run counter to all of our security interests. He states that “a Yes vote would be little short of a catastrophe from a military point of view. It would make it more difficult to defend Britain.” He goes on to say that “it would be harder to tackle the threats we face, it would diminish these islands, diminish NATO and the West’s ability to do things.” Ex-NATO Chief George Robertson also sets out some of the dangers presented by a Yes vote:

Incredibly the UK government has not even drawn up contingency plans in the event of a Yes result. The Ministry of Defence has no plans for the event of independence. No one at the MoD has done any planning for this. It doesn’t end there; we are further advised by Lord West that “the UK government blocked an attempt to get all the leaders at the NATO summit in Wales to make a joint plea to Scotland to stay in the UK.”

What are we to make of this, incompetence and gross negligence may be one thing, but this presents the very real question, is our government both lying to the public in their stated hopes that Scotland remain part of the UK, and is our own government, through means of a broken up Britain, actively courting disaster?

It just so happens that we have been primed during the last few weeks with messages from the press and the government that Britain is under a high security alert because of anticipated attacks from the ISIS terrorist group. We are led to believe that they are heavily armed, extremely well organised and pose a major immediate threat to the entire Middle East, yet they appear to have only just emerged on the scene during the last couple of months!

ISIS is also in on the act of seeking to push for an independent Scotland (and what ISIS wants amounts to the true aims of its real funders, the CIA and the Mossad). Professor Glee, from the University of Buckingham said he fears that the Islamic extremists are deliberately threatening to behead a Scots aid worker to break up the UK. What ISIS wants amounts to the true aims of its real funders and backers, the CIA and the Mossad. Tough new measures to deal with this terror threat are being rushed through by government. These proposed new powers would enable the seizing of passports of people that are suspected of being involved in terrorism. Earlier this month, the Home Secretary told us that British passports are not an automatic right! Well I have always understood that a British passport is precisely that; it is and always has been a right for every British National. Now our government is planning to take away this fundamental right. This could impact on any British national, as one would only need to be suspected of terrorism to have one’s passport revoked. There is a great deal of scope of course to abuse that power. It would be a handy way to deal with anyone causing inconvenience to tyrannical leaders, including government opponents and critics, whistle blowers etc. Not only will they be able to take away passports but they would also have powers to detain the individuals concerned while they are being investigated.

Note that this new high level terror threat to Britain and the extreme new anti-terror laws which are being pushed through are events immediately prior to the Scottish referendum. We have been told that, if a Yes verdict is reached, we will see border controls across the Scottish border. Imagine these extreme new anti-terror laws being in place at the same time as border controls across the Scottish border. Many people (perfectly innocent) will have their hearts in the mouths every time they cross over it. It will indeed be an opportunity to pick up any individual that the government/s wants out of the way (English or Scottish). Even this most scary scenario and the cost of the border controls aside, we should consider the implications for both Scots and English who regularly commute across the border, whether it is for purposes of work, business, friends and family. This is of course another turn off for business investors. Tourists from the rest of the UK may opt to spend their holidays in the Lake District, Cornwall or Wales rather than face all the hassle. Foreign tourists may also be dissuaded from visiting Scotland.

Border controls between Britain and Scotland would be a handy way of introducing the population to having to undergo the inconvenience of ID checks and searches, right slap bang in the middle on our own island. Following this, it may be far less problematic for the government to escalate such measures elsewhere within the UK, using their new ISIS construct as justification. This could then easily lead to full totalitarian control of the population. A massive false flag terror attack on the scale of 911, or even much bigger, would do the trick nicely. Oddly enough we have already been primed to expect such an attack. The Daily Express on 2nd September reports that “US Intelligence experts have raised fears of an Islamic State terrorist attach on the scale of the 9/11 outrages. One warned that ISIS is planning a spectacular atrocity in the West to boost its profile and recruit Jihadists.”

For those readers that don’t already know, this implies that any such attack will not be ‘Islamist’ but rather Mossad/CIA. Scientific and circumstantial evidence surrounding the 9/11 attacks have completely disproven the official narrative, which has been fully debunked by many hundreds of scientific experts. Despite this, there remains a complete media blackout across all mainstream news on any challenge to the official version of events. For further information on this please see below ‘why we can’t trust our political leaders or the mainstream press’.

The Yes vote: a means to self-determination?

Even though many Scots are disillusioned with Great Britain and feel that they are being unfairly treated and under-represented, there is absolutely no guarantee that even those rights that we take for granted will continue to exist in an independent Scotland. However disillusioned we may be, whether English or Scottish, we still do have a democratic system in place with certain checks and balances that have not yet been entirely stripped away. An independent Scotland, and the death of the United Kingdom, would surely hasten the destruction of the mechanisms through which all UK citizens are able to have any kind of say over how their lives and communities are governed.

The way to self-determination lies not in following the Scottish utopian dream of independence, upon which there can be no certainty that even the rights that we take for granted will remain. Rather, the practical way to strive for a better future for all surely lies in educating ourselves and in exercising our rights as citizens. Most of us are complacent when it comes to holding our politicians and organisations to account, and we don’t do enough to ensure that we preserve, and build on, the rights that we still have. If faced with injustice we should work to discover its cause and then persist in our efforts towards a remedy. Achieving justice and the preservation of existing civil rights is hard graft; it takes time, perseverance and effort, even over generations. Scotland already has many devolved powers. We should perhaps enquire whether local Scottish leaders are delivering to the people of Scotland as they should, and whether life improved in Scotland since the establishment of a Scottish parliament. If not, then why not? If not, how would an independent Scotland make that any different? Neither the wave of a magic wand nor a vote for independence can make everything automatically so much better for the people of Scotland. To wish for independence is perhaps to opt for the easy way out. Be careful what you wish for, because you just may end up losing everything that you already have.

Many people in Scotland may believe that a Yes result is the only way for the Scots to have true self determination. Obviously, for the reasons stated above, I fiercely disagree, but it does not need to be an all or nothing scenario. If the Scottish people resolve to really work together as citizens to improve their lot they really can do much to secure a better future for their country. There is no reason why the Scots cannot have it all, if they work towards that end, whilst at the same time retaining the benefits of being a part of a strong sovereign state.

Cui bono

The clue to that lies with the people who are funding the Yes campaign – many millions have been spent on fuelling national sentiment in Scotland to encourage a yes vote, a great deal more than in trying to persuade the Scots to vote No. The United Kingdom has strength on the world stage but as nation divided, we will all be diminished. The divide and rule of nations is the Zionists long held strategy for achieving global control.

Why we can’t trust any of our political leaders or any of the mainstream press

The challenges to terror attacks including 9/11 and 7/7 are not the preserve of ‘conspiracy nutters’. The official narrative of the 9/11 attacks has been proven beyond all doubt to be completely false by robust scientific evidence. Hundreds of architects, engineers, scientists and military veterans have all declared the official version of events to be wholly unsubstantiated by facts and scientific evidence. Despite this there has not been a peep about any of this from the mainstream press. It is clear that successive US government administrations have kept up blatant lies about all of this, as have the UK government concerning the anomalies within the official version of the 7/7 London attacks. To illustrate why it is essential that we look beyond the official narratives within the mainstream press when it comes to terror attacks, check the following example sites:

For some information on the parallels between false flag terror attacks see the following sites:

Below are a few sites that provide information that help to explain why the terrorist phenomenon known as ISIS is in fact just a CIA/MI6/Mossad
construct, consisting of CIA mercenaries that do the CIA and Israel’s bidding.

We saw perhaps an echo of what was being planned for Britain during the 2012 Olympics. There was much discussion over the logo for these games and how the figures that make up this logo, when reassembled, spell out the word ‘Zion’. It should also be pointed out that these figures have been formed from a broken up union jack. We can be forgiven for speculating that the break-up of the UK is the precursor to the complete Zionist take-over of Britain.

Don’t let them tear Britain apart, instead let’s all work together to get the ZOG traitors out of Britain and to put them on trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity.

If you agree that there is any validity to the points raised in this blog then please circulate it as far and wide as possible before the big day.